Many years ago, I saw the Adrian Flatt exhibit of bronzed casts of the hands of famous people. This is a permanent exhibit at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, and it includes all genres of celebrity - astronauts, statesmen, athletes, poets, musicians, and Andre the giant, to name a few. One particular display sticks in my mind - the hands of Wilt Chamberlain (7'1") beside Willie Shoemaker's (4'11"). This exhibit impressed upon me the inherent personality expressed by an individual's hands.

As a retired dentist and artist, I am required to be precise in my manipulation of tools. As a cook and foodie, I am keenly aware of the thousands of manipulations that a chef's hands undertake in the course of their work. I am fascinated with the seemingly effortless choreography of hand movement from one task to another in the kitchen.

Inspired by the surgeon Adrian Flatt, I have a dream of building a collection of drawings showcasing the hands of chefs. To that end, I am looking for volunteers. If you are a chef or know a chef in the Dallas metroplex, or if you work with food - bakers, sommeliers, bartenders, etc - and would be willing to have your hands photographed, I would be forever grateful. All volunteers who are chosen will receive an archival print of the drawing I complete of their hands. If you are interested, please fill out the form below. Thank you.

Taking photos of chef Roe at North Haven Gardens Cafe.

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