Hands allow us to create in ways that no other species can. One could argue they are the reason we are at the top of the food chain. Okay, brains are important, but they're not as interesting to draw. Hands allow us to manifest our dreams, give expression to our ideas and mold our environment.

As an artist, I aspire to be known for drawing hands. I'm fascinated with the architecture of hands, wrists, and arms. Nowhere are they more interesting, in my humble opinion, than in the kitchen. Watching an experienced chef work is performance art. It's a dance of science, skill, craft, and heart.

I take issue with the way chefs are depicted on products in consumer markets. I think most people know by now that chefs aren't rotund, jolly gentlemen that wear tall white hats, have little black mustaches, and work in kitchens with black and white checkerboard floors. So why are those the only images I see in kitchen stores - on dish towels, cutting boards, platters and cruets? That's such an antiquated notion of a chef's world. I'm on a mission to elevate the imagery of today's chefs to reflect the skill, knowledge, and expertise of those in the culinary world. I hope my images depict the beauty and power I see in the hands of chefs.

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